AV5 | 11-13mph | Sunday 8:30am (Spring/Summer) 9am (Autumn/Winter)

Ideal for beginners or riders who prefer a less strenuous ride  with a cafe stop or occasional rests for around 2-3 hours.


AV4 (13-14mph) | Wednesday 9:30am| Sunday 8:30am (Spring/Summer) 9am (Autumn/Winter)

Aimed at riders returning to the sport or wanting to develop their group riding skills. Generally around 3 hours with a rest or coffee stop


AV3 (14-16mph) | Wednesday 9:30am| Sunday 8:30am (Spring/Summer) 9am (Autumn/Winter)

Rides are generally around 3 to 4 hours and cover a variety of routes in the Surrey Hills and beyond. Varied terrain, often with some challenging hills.


AV2 (16-18mph) | Wednesday 9:30am| Sunday 8:30am (Spring/Summer) 9am (Autumn/Winter)

A good place to develop progress your group riding skills and to turn up the heat on the pace and endurance. Faster up the hills!


AV1 (18+mph)|Thursday 9:30am |Sunday 8:30am (Spring/Summer) 9am (Autumn/Winter)

You will cover quite a bit of beautiful Surrey and maybe other counties with this group. Generally 3 to 4 hours of serious riding which can be a little competitive at times!


Tuesday evening rides 7pm (April to end of Sept). Separate ride groups for AV4 to AV1

A shorter evening ride of around 30 miles which are a little more intense, so add about 2mph to the average speeds above.

For information on group riding and safe riding skills please visit

Club Rules & Constitution

PRe-Ride Safety Briefings

Ride Guidance & Rules


What is a structured Group formation?


1. Single File Paceline

When in tight as possible single file configuration, for long flat/easy rolling stretches, rotate clockwise off the front after a few minutes (when safe), and re-join the back of the group, rather than accelerating from the back onto the front, creating a surge effect, and potentially creating a dangerous environment for someone about to rotate off.

2. What is Rotate off?

Simply put, glance over your shoulder for any oncoming traffic, flick the left elbow (so no ambiguity about your intentions). Ease off the line to the right (into the middle of your lane), to allow the person behind to take the lead, and slowly drift back and enjoy the recovery, before you re-join at the back.

Clearly the faster the group is moving; this recovery may be short lived! Practice makes perfect.

Furthermore, sitting on the front for ages, and not peeling off, will only burn your energy and make you grumpy!

3. 2x2 Double up Formation

A 2x2 formation (When the road allows), can be a very social configuration, as well as an efficient use of group energy. The key is to not keep the same configuration for too long. After a few minutes the lead rider on the outside right will call “rotate” & signal so the whole group can hear.

Rotate can be practiced in either direction (wind dependent), but as a default we generally as a club go in an anti-clockwise direction (faster moving on the right, just like a UK road). Feel free to practice both ways.

Simply put the outside lane will pedal a little faster so the front person can pull into the left lane when clear of the bike on the left. The lead bike on the left can call "clear" to assist the “docking”.


1. Front riders to point and call any road hazards.

2. Never Half-wheel the rider in front (overlap wheels). Will irritate the rider ahead and push the speed on the group, as well as being potentially dangerous.

3. Don’t accelerate from the back onto the front of a 2 up. This again can be disruptive, and even dangerous in certain circumstances.

What are the benefits?

1) It’s fun and gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment, that you’re working as a team. You don't have to be pushing yourself - its not always about speed.

2) Allows you to chat with multiple people safely in a 2x2 formation.

3) Keeps you and the group safe, as you’re a tighter unit using each other’s energy, you’ll feel fresher.

4) Prevents surging.

5) Keeps the group together on those sections where it can be used – hence no more scatter gun of club riders over ½ mile of road.

6) Aerodynamics - Free Speed, by maintaining a constant sustainable speed! Those at the back just get sucked along. Win win!

A certain by-product, it allows more overtaking opportunities for cars, and creates a positive perception of the club and cyclists to the general public –

its poetry in motion! Looks awesome too!